In the rich tapestry of Bangladeshi media, The Daily Ittefaq stands out as a historic and influential newspaper. With a legacy that spans decades, Ittefaq has played a crucial role in shaping public opinion and informing the nation. Let’s explore the storied history and enduring impact of Bangladesh Ittefaq.

A Rich History

Founded in 1953 by Tofazzal Hossain, known as Manik Miah, The Daily Ittefaq quickly established itself as a voice for the people. During the turbulent times leading up to Bangladesh’s independence, Ittefaq was at the forefront, advocating for the rights and aspirations of the Bengali people. Its fearless journalism and unwavering commitment to truth made it a vital source of information during a critical period in the country’s history.

Championing Independence

Ittefaq’s role during the Liberation War of 1971 is etched in the annals of Bangladeshi history. The newspaper became a symbol of resistance against oppression, providing critical updates and rallying support for the independence movement. Its courageous reporting and editorial stance helped galvanize public sentiment, contributing to the eventual victory and birth of Bangladesh as an independent nation.

Comprehensive Coverage

Today, The Daily Ittefaq continues to uphold its legacy of journalistic excellence. The newspaper offers comprehensive coverage of national and international news, politics, economy, culture, sports, and more. Its seasoned journalists and editors are dedicated to delivering accurate, unbiased, and insightful news that informs and engages readers.

Embracing the Digital Age

In an era where digital media is transforming the way news is consumed, Ittefaq has adeptly embraced the digital revolution. Its website and mobile applications provide real-time news updates, feature stories, and multimedia content. This digital presence ensures that readers have access to the latest news at their fingertips, whether they are at home or on the go.

The Daily Ittefaq is also active on social media platforms, where it engages with a broad audience, shares breaking news, and fosters discussions on current affairs. This digital strategy has expanded its reach, attracting a younger generation of readers and connecting with the Bangladeshi diaspora worldwide.

Editorial Integrity

Throughout its history, Ittefaq has maintained a steadfast commitment to editorial integrity. The newspaper has navigated political pressures and challenges while consistently upholding its principles of truth and fairness. This dedication to journalistic ethics has earned Ittefaq a reputation as a trusted and credible source of news.

Social Responsibility

Beyond reporting news, Ittefaq is deeply committed to social responsibility. The newspaper often engages in initiatives and campaigns aimed at addressing social issues such as education, health, and environmental conservation. By leveraging its influence, Ittefaq strives to make a positive impact on society and contribute to the nation’s development.


The Daily Ittefaq’s journey from its inception to its current status as a leading newspaper in Bangladesh is a testament to its enduring legacy and commitment to journalistic excellence. In a rapidly changing media landscape, Ittefaq remains a trusted source of news, offering a blend of historical perspective and contemporary relevance.

For those seeking a newspaper that combines a rich history with a dedication to truth and integrity, The Daily Ittefaq stands as a beacon of quality journalism. As it continues to evolve and adapt to the digital age, Ittefaq’s commitment to informing, educating, and serving its readers ensures that it will remain a vital part of Bangladeshi society for years to come.

Whether you are looking for in-depth analysis, breaking news, or a connection to the nation’s history, The Daily Ittefaq offers a unique and valuable perspective that enriches the understanding of its readers.

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